Meet the pride!


Thomas Lamkin Jr.

Thomas is a gifted cover artist, lover of gaming, and a semi-permanent loan to Line By Lion Publications compliments of the introvert collection at The Society of Grumpy Internet Trolls. In addition to photography and pixel hoo-doo that makes the photography prettier, Thomas enjoys good cooking, creature comforts, and dorkdom of many sorts in his modest Kentucky estate with a gorgeous wife and their four beautiful, expensive children. To learn more about Thomas and see how much of what you just read is true vs. how much the Web Gremlin Wrangler was making up on the fly, visit his photos and him at 


S. J. Garrett

S. J. Garrett is a collector of cats and one of Line By Lion's go-to girls for expert picture-taking and romance-writing. She is rumored to have somehow sequestered and taken the place of an earlier writer with an uncannily similar style named Etta Jean. By astonishing coincidence, she, like Etta Jean, was made in England, born in Sacramento, raised by mother and grandmother to love reading, and goes to great lengths to capture the world both as it is and as it ought to be with her intrepid spirit and her quasi-all seeing camera.



Karen Swartz

Karen Swartz is an illustrator from Belleville, IL, who currently resides in St. Louis with her sweetheart and their two kitty cats. She loves drawing animals, and enjoys including symbolism and mythological references in her work. Her illustration portfolio is located at